Made it to Niagara Falls

I’ve grown up always wanting to see more of what the world looks like. Born and raised in British Columbia I’ve never really even left the province. These are all new experiences for me. 4 years ago I was struggling to survive and stuck in addiction. I could barely even hold onto my job as a mechanic. Now with the life skills necessary to hold life together my quality of living has greatly increased. I went from hiding away scared of the world and people, to loving life and the people around me. I’d like to thank the John Volken Academy once again for giving me a new life. Standing next to Niagra Falls I was in true awe and amazed by what I felt. Seeing Niagra Falls up close and not just on TV was really cool. A reminder of the power and flow of emotions that is needed to drive a happy life. I no longer run from my feelings and welcome all, even the uncomfortable ones as hard as that may be sometimes. I have the awareness and skills to move with the flow of life. If I can do this… you can too. Even if all hope seems lost. Never ever give up!